Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.50 No.6

Current Issue
Characteristic Analysis of the Coefficient of Initial Abstraction and Development of its Formular in the Rural Watersheds - for the Small-Medium Watersheds in the Geum and Sapkyo River -

김태철 Kim Tai-cheol , 이정선 Lee Jeong-seon

50(6) 3-12, 2008

Electrical Characteristics against Frequency and Concentration of Contaminated Soils by Mercury and Arsenic

손영환 Son Young Hwan , 봉태호 Bong Tae Ho , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck

50(6) 15-24, 2008

Estimation of the optimal probability distribution for daily electricity generation by wind power in rural green-village planning

김대식 Kim Dae-sik , 구승모 Koo Seung-mo , 남상운 Nam Sang-woon

50(6) 27-35, 2008

Estimating Optimal Probability Distributions of Daily Potential Photovoltaic Power Generation for Development of Rural Green-Village by Solar Energy - with Area of Seosan Weather Station -

김대식 Kim Dae-sik , 구승모 Koo Seung-mo , 남상운 Nam Sang-woon

50(6) 37-47, 2008

Prediction of Corrosion Threshold Reached at Steel Reinforcement Embedded in Latex Modified Concrete with Mix Proportion Factor

박성기 Park Seung Ki , 원종필 Won Jong Pil , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi , 김종옥 Kim Jong Ok

50(6) 49-60, 2008

Life Cycle Cost Method by Segregation of Safety and Function

이준구 Joon-gu Lee , 김한중 Han-jung Kim , 윤성수 Seong-su Yoon , 최원 Won Choi , 이형진 Hyung-jin Lee , 김종옥 Jong-ok Kim , 정남수 Nam-su Jung , 이정재 Jeong-jae Lee

50(6) 61-71, 2008

Developing an Optimum Equipment Model for Agricultural Reservoir Considering Beneficiary

김시운 Kim Si-woon , 김종옥 Kim Jong-ok , 박승기 Park Seong-ki , 정남수 Jung Nam-su , 장우석 Jang Woo-seok , 이세희 Lee Sae-hee , 최원 Choi Won

50(6) 75-81, 2008

Propulsion of Cooperative Tourism Development Model Project and Developing Strategies in Rural Green Tourism village

리신호 Rhee Shin-ho , 윤성수 Yoon Seong-soo , 김시환 Kim Si-hwan

50(6) 83-91, 2008

Characteristics of Visitor Rural Experience Village using Questionnaire Analyzed - case study for Cheongwongun Cooperative Tourism Model Project -

윤성수 Yoon Seong-soo , 리신호 Rhee Shin-ho , 박형수 Park Hyung-soo

50(6) 93-100, 2008