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Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

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Aims and scope

Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers publishes peer-reviewed research articles in engineering to help better understand and thus solve problems in agriculture, environment, food and other biological systems. Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers presents cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics including irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, rural planning and development, agricultural structure & environmental control, rural environment & natural resources management, and more.


Current Issue

Current Issue
Evaluating the Performance of APEX-Paddy Model using the Monitoring Data of Paddy Fields in Iksan, South Korea

모하마드캄루자먼 Mohammad Kamruzzamana , 조재필 Jaepil Chob , 최순군 Soon-kun Choic , 송정헌 Jung-hun Songd , 송인홍 Inhong Songe , 황세운 Syewoon Hwangf

62(1) 1-16, 2020


Assessment of Flood Probability Based on Temporal Distribution of Forecasted-Rainfall in Cheongmicheon Watershed

이현지 Lee Hyunji , 전상민 Jun Sang Min , 황순호 Hwang Soon Ho , 최순군 Choi Soon-kun , 박지훈 Park Jihoon , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

62(1) 17-27, 2020


Evaluating Educational Fairness of Commuting Distances for Rural Villages following the Closing of Elementary Schools

김솔희 Kim Solhee , 전정배 Jeon Jeongbae , 서교 Suh Kyo

62(1) 29-38, 2020


Analysis of Livestock Nonpoint Source Pollutant Load Ratio for Each Sub-watershed in Sancheong Watershed using HSPF Model

김소래 So Rae Kim , 김상민 Sang Min Kim

62(1) 39-50, 2020


Spatio-Temporal Resolution Analysis based on Landsat/AMSR2 Soil Moisture

이태화 Taehwa Lee , 김상우 Sangwoo Kim , 원명수 Myoungsoo Won , 장근창 Keunchang Jang , 신용철 Yongchul Shin

62(1) 51-60, 2020


Comparison of Regression Models for Estimating Ventilation Rate of Mechanically Ventilated Swine Farm

조광곤 Jo Gwanggon , 하태환 Ha Taehwan , 윤상후 Yoon Sanghoo , 장유나 Jang Yuna , 정민웅 Jung Minwoong

62(1) 61-70, 2020


Development of Wearable Device for Monitoring Working Environment in Pig House

서일환 Seo Il-hwan

62(1) 71-81, 2020


Evaluation and Comparison of Meteorological Drought Index using Multi-satellite Based Precipitation Products in East Asia

문영식 Mun Young-sik , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 김태곤 Kim Taegon , 홍은미 Hong Eun-mi , 서찬양 Sur Chanyang

62(1) 83-93, 2020


Estimation of Characteristic of the Soil Physical using the Pipe Type Soil Sampler

유지현 Ryu Ji Hyun , 정명관 Jung Myung Kwan , 박승기 Park Seung Ki

62(1) 95-104, 2020


Monitoring of Internal Harmful Factors According to Environmental Factors in Pig Farm

이성원 Lee Seong-won , 김효철 Kim Hyo-cher , 서일환 Seo Il-hwan

62(1) 105-115, 2020


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