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Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

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Aims and scope

Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers publishes peer-reviewed research articles in engineering to help better understand and thus solve problems in agriculture, environment, food and other biological systems. Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers presents cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics including irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, rural planning and development, agricultural structure & environmental control, rural environment & natural resources management, and more.


Current Issue

Current Issue
Estimation of Agricultural Reservoir Water Storage Based on Empirical Method

강한솔 Kang Hansol , 안현욱 An Hyunuk , 남원호 Nam Wonho , 이광야 Lee Kwangya

61(5) 1-10, 2019


The Effects of Rural Community Business and It’s Performance and Relationship with Residents’ Life Satisfaction - Mediating the Effects of Performance -

정상숙 Jeong Sang Sook , 엄성준 Eom Seong Jun , 조성결 Jo Seung Geul , 리신호 Rhee Shin Ho

61(5) 11-22, 2019


Response of Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) and Canopy Temperature of Apple Tree to Irrigation Treatment Schemes

김민영 Kim Minyoung , 최용훈 Choi Yonghun , 조정건 Cho Junggun , 윤석규 Yun Seokkyu , 박정훈 Park Jeonghun , 김영진 Kim Youngjin , 전종길 Jeon Jonggil , 이상봉 Lee Sangbong

61(5) 23-31, 2019


A Economic Feasibility Study on Environmental Ecology Flow Supply Plan using Agricultural Reservoir - Focused on Dongbok River -

박진현 Park Jin-hyeon , 고재한 Ko Jae Han , 성무홍 Sung Mu-hong , 정형모 Jung Hyoung-mo , 박태선 Park Tae-sun , 곽영철 Kwak Yeong Cheol , 최우영 Choi Woo-young , 범진아 Boem Jina , 정민혁 Jeung Minhyuk , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 윤광식 Yoon Kwang-sik

61(5) 33-47, 2019


An Analysis on the Prospects and Realities of Local Governments’ Project Promotions according to the Changes in Financial Policy of Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Projects

배승종 Bae Seung-jong , 김대식 Kim Dae-sik , 김수진 Kim Soo-jin , 김성필 Kim Seong-pil

61(5) 49-55, 2019


A Study on Public Effect of Rural Tourism Development Project on the Rural Community

박미정 Park Meejeong , 전정배 Jeon Jeongbae , 손호기 Son Hogi , 신민지 Shin Minji , 박로운 Park Roun

61(5) 57-68, 2019


Estimation of the Hapcheon Dam Inflow Using HSPF Model

조현경 Hyun Kyung Cho , 김상민 Sang Min Kim

61(5) 69-77, 2019


Applicability of Optical Particle Counters for Measurement of Airborne Pesticide Spray Drift

김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 홍세운 Hong Se-woon

61(5) 79-87, 2019


Estimation of High-Resolution Soil Moisture based on Sentinel-1A/B SAR Sensors

김상우 Kim Sangwoo , 이태화 Lee Taehwa , 신용철 Shin Yongchul

61(5) 89-99, 2019


Assessment of Evaporation Rates from Litter of Duck House

이상연 Lee Sang-yeon , 이인복 Lee In-bok , 김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 여욱현 Yeo Uk-hyeon , 데카노크리스티나 Decano Cristina , 김준규 Kim Jun-gyu , 최영배 Choi Young-bae , 박유미 Park You-me , 정효혁 Jeong Hyo-hyeog

61(5) 101-108, 2019


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