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Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

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Aims and scope

Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers publishes peer-reviewed research articles in engineering to help better understand and thus solve problems in agriculture, environment, food and other biological systems. Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers presents cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics including irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, rural planning and development, agricultural structure & environmental control, rural environment & natural resources management, and more.


Current Issue

Current Issue
Development of Soil Organic Carbon Storage Estimation Model Using Soil Characteristics

이태화 Lee Taehwa , 김상우 Kim Sangwoo , 신용철 Shin Yongchul , 정영훈 Jung Younghun , 임경재 Lim Kyoung-jae , 양재의 Yang Jae E , 장원석 Jang Won Seok

61(6) 1-8, 2019


A Study on Regularization Methods to Evaluate the Sediment Trapping Efficiency of Vegetative Filter Strips

배주현 Bae Joohyun , 한정호 Han Jeongho , 양재의 Yang Jae E , 김종건 Kim Jonggun , 임경재 Lim Kyoung Jae , 장원석 Jang Won Seok

61(6) 9-19, 2019


Evaluation of Odor Dispersion from Livestock Building through Field Experiment

여욱현 Yeo Uk-hyeon , 이인복 Lee In-bok , 하태환 Ha Tae-hwan , 데카노크리스티나 Decano Cristina , 김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 이상연 Lee Sang-yeon , 김준규 Kim Jun-gyu , 최영배 Choi Young-bae , 박유미 Park You-me

61(6) 21-30, 2019


Assessing Vulnerability to Agricultural Drought of Pumping Stations for Preparing Climate Change

장민원 Jang Min-won , 김수진 Kim Soo-jin , 배승종 Bae Seung-jong , 유승환 Yoo Seunghwan , 정경훈 Jung Kyunghun , 황세운 Hwang Syewoon

61(6) 31-40, 2019


Vulnerability Evaluation of Groundwater Well Efficiency and Capacity in Drought Vulnerable Areas

신형진 Shin Hyung-jin , 이재영 Lee Jae-young , 조성문 Jo Sung-mun , 전상민 Jeon Sang-min , 김미솔 Kim Mi-sol , 차상선 Cha Sang-sun , 박찬기 Park Chan-gi

61(6) 41-53, 2019


A Study to Determine the Slope Length and Steepness Factor of Universal Soil Loss Equation with Determining and Adapting Major Slope Length at Field Scale

박윤식 Park Youn Shik , 박종윤 Park Jong-yoon , 장원석 Jang Won Seok , 김종건 Kim Jonggun

61(6) 55-65, 2019


A Comparative Study on the Spacing and Discharge Performance of Subsurface Drainage Culvert to Increase Drainage Efficiency

김현태 Hyuntai Kim , 유전용 Jeonyong Ryu , 정기열 Kiyuol Jung , 박영준 Youngjun Park

61(6) 67-72, 2019


Statistical Analysis of Determining Optimal Monitoring Time Schedule for Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI)

최용훈 Choi Yonghun , 김민영 Kim Minyoung , 오우현 Oh Woohyun , 조정건 Cho Junggun , 윤석규 Yun Seokkyu , 이상봉 Lee Sangbong , 김영진 Kim Youngjin , 전종길 Jeon Jonggil

61(6) 73-79, 2019


Assessing Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change in the Mankyung Watershed with Different GCM Spatial Downscaling Methods

김동현 Kim Dong-hyeon , 장태일 Jang Taeil , 황세운 Hwang Syewoon , 조재필 Cho Jaepil

61(6) 81-92, 2019


Analysis of Water Supply Reliability of Agricultural Reservoirs Based on Application of Modified Penman and Penman-Monteith Methods

조건호 Gun Ho Cho , 한경화 Kyung Hwa Han , 최경숙 Kyung Sook Choi

61(6) 93-101, 2019


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