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Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

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Aims and scope

Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers publishes peer-reviewed research articles in engineering to help better understand and thus solve problems in agriculture, environment, food and other biological systems. Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers presents cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics including irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, rural planning and development, agricultural structure & environmental control, rural environment & natural resources management, and more.


Current Issue

Current Issue
Assessment of Water Distribution and Irrigation Efficiency in Agricultural Reservoirs using SWMM Model

신지현 Shin Ji-hyeon , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 방나경 Bang Na-kyoung , 김한중 Kim Han-joong , 안현욱 An Hyun-uk , 도종원 Do Jong-won , 이광야 Lee Kwang-ya

62(3) 1-13, 2020

Analysis and Evaluation of Life SOC in Boeun-gun According to Minimum Criterion of Basic Life Infrastructures

양승환 Yang Seunghwan , 이병준 Lee Byungjun , 윤성수 Yoon Seongsoo

62(3) 15-27, 2020

Evaluation of Fatigue Resistance of Selected Warm-mix Asphalt Concrete

김성운 Sungun Kim , 이성진 Sung-jin Lee , 김광우 Kwang W Kim

62(3) 29-38, 2020

Application of Drone Images to Investigate Biomass Management Practices and Estimation of CH4 Emissions from Paddy Fields

박진석 Park Jinseok , 장성주 Jang Seongju , 김형준 Kim Hyungjoon , 홍록기 Hong Rokgi , 송인홍 Song Inhong

62(3) 39-49, 2020

Drought Hazard Assessment using MODIS-based Evaporative Stress Index (ESI) and ROC Analysis

윤동현 Yoon Dong-hyun , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 이희진 Lee Hee-jin , 홍은미 Hong Eun-mi , 김태곤 Kim Taegon

62(3) 51-61, 2020

Improvement to Optimum Equipment Model of Agricultural Reservoir Considering Land Mark

김종봉 Kim Jongbong , 박소연 Park So Yeon , 정남수 Jung Namsu , 이희망 Lee Huimang

62(3) 63-69, 2020

A Study on the Resilient Supply of Agricultural Water in Jeju Island by Forecasting Future Demand

고재한 Go Jea-han , 정민혁 Jeung Minhyuk , 범진아 Beom Jina , 성무홍 Sung Mu-hong , 정형모 Jung Hyoung-mo , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 윤광식 Yoon Kwang-sik

62(3) 71-83, 2020

Effects of Saline Irrigation Water on Crop Growth in Strawberry and Red Radish

김수진 Kim Soo-jin , 배승종 Bae Seung-jong , 김학관 Kim Hakkwan , 정한석 Jeong Hanseok

62(3) 85-94, 2020

Development of Downstream Flood Damage Prediction Model Based on Probability of Failure Analysis in Agricultural Reservoir

전정배 Jeon Jeong Bae , 윤성수 Yoon Seong Soo , 최원 Choi Won

62(3) 95-107, 2020

Monitoring the Hydrologic Water Quality Characteristics of Discharge from a Flat Upland Field

박찬우 Park Chanwoo , 오찬성 Oh Chansung , 최순군 Choi Soon-kun , 나채인 Na Chae-in , 황세운 Hwang Syewoon

62(3) 109-121, 2020

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