Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Current Issue

Current Issue
Impact Assessment of Agricultural Reservoir and Landuse Changes on Water Circulation in Watershed

김석현 Kim Seokhyeon , 송정헌 Song Jung-hun , 황순호 Hwang Soonho , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

63(2) 1-10, 2021

Development of Community-based Smart Village Process Model

박소연 Park So-yeon , 정남수 Jung Namsu

63(2) 11-18, 2021

Analysis of the Performance and Change of Resident Consciousness of the Fishing Village Specialization Capacity Enhancement Project through Surveys - Focusing on the Comparative Analysis of Consciousness of Inland Water and Coastal Residents -

양민호 Yang Min-ho , 김기성 Kim Ki-sung , 고진영 Koh Jin-young

63(2) 19-31, 2021

Analysis of Preference for Fishing Village Experience Recreation Village According to Individual’s Background Characteristics

최규철 Choi Kyuchul , 김정태 Kim Jungtae , 이서구 Lee Seogu , 강동선 Kang Dongseon

63(2) 33-40, 2021

Evaluation for Application of Warm-mix Asphalt Concrete for Rural Road Pavement

이성진 Lee Sungjin , 김광우 Kim Kwang W. , 김성운 Kim Sungun

63(2) 41-50, 2021

Evaluation of Surrogate Monitoring Parameters for SS and T-P Using Multiple Linear Regression and Random Forest

정민혁 Jeung Minhyuk , 범진아 Beom Jina , 최동호 Choi Dongho , 김영주 Kim Young-joo , 허용구 Her Younggu , 윤광식 Yoon Kwangsik

63(2) 51-60, 2021

Design of the Business Model to Reduce the Damage of Heavy Snowfall in Greenhouse

이종혁 Lee Jonghyuk , 이상익 Lee Sangik , 정영준 Jeong Yongjoon , 김동수 Kim Dongsu , 이승재 Lee Seung-jae , 최원 Choi Won

63(2) 61-74, 2021

Development of Snow Load Sensor and Analysis of Warning Criterion for Heavy Snow Disaster Prevention Alarm System in Plastic Greenhouse

김동수 Kim Dongsu , 정영준 Jeong Youngjoon , 이상익 Lee Sang-ik , 이종혁 Lee Jonghyuk , 황규홍 Hwang Kyuhong , 최원 Choi Won

63(2) 75-84, 2021

Estimation of Irrigation Return Flow on Agricultural Watershed in Madun Reservoir

김하영 Kim Ha-young , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 문영식 Mun Young-sik , 방나경 Bang Na-kyoung , 김한중 Kim Han-joong

63(2) 85-96, 2021