Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Aims and Scope

Articles published in the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers are classified as following. Authors can submit an article by specifying the classification they are interested in.

For an article that do not belong any category as specified, Editor will review and decide whether the article will be published or not

Aims and Scope
Classification No.of
Content(S) Note
cover Cover photo 1 Photo needs to make the cover beautiful or equivalent that are related to agricultural engineering Contest
opening Table of contents 2 Special edition schedule, Event schedule, Significant retrospect, table of contents, table of contents in English Editor
Photos 2~4 Photos related to agricultural engineering topic, field, foreign technology, and other color photographs Request,
Preface 1~2 President's message, new year's greetings, commemoration, etc Request
Article 1~2 Suggestions on future prospects and development plan for whole agricultural engineering Request,
Special issue 3~5,
A point of view of the author for technique development, improvement, applications, analysis of phenomenon, prehension, Academic proposals related to agricultural engineering, technology, business, education. Request,
Special report 4~6 Report systemized briefly from events of academic meeting (symposium, seminar), conference, relative organ, etc Request,
Report Lecture 6 Serial courses for subjects selected from academic or technological field related directly and indirectly to agricultural engineering Request, Picture, Freesubmit
Terminology explanation 1 A brief explanation about specific topic or technical fields Request
Public affair 2~3 A brief report about public affair related to agricultural engineering Picture,
Information 1 Report or information announced by administrative agency that can be an advantageous for members Request
Organ news 1 News of administration, enforcement, management, education, business organs Request,
My vision 1 Thought of members for development of agricultural engineering Picture,
Paper comment 1 Thought of authors for background and contribution of published articles to scientific and academic community Request
International communicate Meeting 1 Agricultural engineering related international conference schedule, proceed, member's communication Editor
Agricultural Engineering Community Introduction of our work 1 Introduction of member's work Request
Student community 1 Community of student members Picture,
Senior community 1 Advice, Retrospect, Creation essay of senior members Picture,
Question and answer 1 General question and answer for academy, technology, business, administration, etc. Editor,
New book 1 Introduction of new textbook, reference book, etc. related to agricultural engineering Editor
Report of committee 1 Report on activity of committee Request
Break 1 Idiom, humor, classic Request
Bibliography 1 Bibliography of international journal related to agricultural engineering Request
Journal library 1 Introduction of library donated to KSAE Editor
Information International paper commentary 1 Commentary for critical paper published in international journals Request
New technology information 1 Introduction of new technique, patent, etc. Request,
Journal announcement 1 Announcement to member from KSAE Editor

Submission of Papers

Manuscripts must be electronically submitted to A paper must be described accurately and concisely as a professional academic research paper related to agricultural engineering, and it has been neither published nor currently submitted to other journals. However, a paper presented in a conference that additional revision has been made may be acceptable in accordance with the 'Publishing ethic' by the Editorial Board.

Peer review process

The received papers shall be reviewed by at least three appointed reviewers who are recognized as the highest authorities in the relevant fields among the members of the Committee. Any information such as the names of authors or reviewers involved in the submitted papers shall not be revealed.

Manuscripts Preparation

  • 1) (Terms and annotations) The language for use is English language in principle. Korean, Chinese, Japanese letters etc. may be used in parentheses if necessary.

    • ① As for the technical terms, the terms in the technical glossary published by the Korea Society of Agricultural Engineers and the equivalent terms to them shall be used, and the original text can be inserted into parentheses, if necessary.
    • ② The English words in the body shall be in lowercase letters except for the proper nouns such as names of people and areas.
    • ③ When English words are used in the title of chapters and sections, the first character of each word shall be capitalized. However, the acronyms of computer programs and the like shall all be in capital letters.
    • ④ Annotations shall be footnotes and specified by the symbols such as 1), 2) on the upper right corner of the relevant position in the body, and shall be described as a simple and clear text at the bottom of each page.
  • 2) (Title of paper) The title of paper shall be written concisely to express the contents of paper accurately and concisely.

    • ① The first character of English title and of each word except articles, prepositions and conjunctions among the titles shall be capitalized and prepared pursuant to romanization.
    • ② The font size of English title shall be 12 pt, and the title shall be boldface type and center-justified.
  • 3) (Author name and affiliation) As for the order of authors, the submitting author shall be the first author, the second and third author shall be determined according to the level of contribution to the paper.

    • ① If the first author and the corresponding author are different, the corresponding author shall be specified.
    • ② If there are two or more authors, insert a point (․) in the middle of the names, and in case of English names, write last name first and then insert a comma (,) ahead of first name.
    • ③ Each name of authors shall be indicated by superscripts *, **, etc., and the corresponding author shall be specified by a superscript †.
  • 4) (Abstract) An abstract in English shall be written in one paragraph including a brief summary and main conclusion of the content of paper.

    • ① The abstract in English shall be denoted by "ABSTRACT" (10 pt, Sinmyeongjo, boldface type).
    • ② The body of the abstract in English shall consist of less than 250 words and shall not include any formula, and shall be a complete paragraph in itself (9 pt, Sinmyeongjo).
    • ③ The body of the abstract in English shall not cite figures, tables, formulas etc.
    • ④ In the abstract in English, for the use of abbreviation, an original term shall be written first, then an abbreviation in parenthesis, and afterwards only the abbreviation shall be used.
    • ⑤ In the abstract in English, the number of key words to be written shall be seven or less and be written in the same format as in the following example.
  • 5) (Body) The body shall, in principle, consist of three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion, and addition and change are possible, if necessary.

    • ① The distinction of chapter and section in the body and section, shall be, in principle, in the order of Ⅰ, 1, a, 1), a).
    • ② Titles in the upper three stages shall be written in boldface type Gothic letters such as 'I' (12pt), '1' (12pt), '가' (10pt) in Korean, 'I' (12pt), '1' (12pt), 'a' (10pt) in English.
    • ③ The body shall be, in principle, written in Sinmyeongjo typeface, 10 pt font size, 160% line spacing, and singular, one stage edit.
    • ④ If the start of a new paragraph or paragraph is to be differentiated, it shall start on the new start line with a gap of two spacings.
    • ⑤ As for parentheses or units, one spacing shall be given in principle.
  • 6) (Drawings, photographs, tables) Drawings, photographs, tables shall be prepared clearly so that they can be printed as the originals.

    • ① The titles and contents in the drawings, photographs, and tables shall be, in principle, in English.
    • ② Each notation shall be denoted by 10 pt, Sinmyeongjo as in Photo 1, Fig. 1, Table 1, and the following example.

      [Example 4-3] Photo 1 Raindrop characteristics

      Fig. 1 Hydrologic characteristics of a paddy field

      Table 1 Average daily infiltration rate of paddy fields

    • ③ The titles of photos and pictures shall be written underneath center-justified, and the title of table shall be upper left-justified.
    • ④ Photos, pictures, and tables shall be included, in principle, in the body, and may be written on separate sheets if necessary.
    • ⑤ When quoting photos, pictures, and tables in the body, each shall be written as "Photo 1", "Fig. 1", "Table 1", respectively.
    • ⑥ If the multiple pictures and photos are to be made as a bundle, each picture shall have a symbol, such as (a), (b), (c) with a description.
  • 7) (Formula, units, numbers, symbols)

    • ① Formulas shall not be included in a line where a sentence is written, but shall be written on a separate line, and shall be created by using the serial numbers such as (1), (2) on the right side (10 pt, Sinmyeongjo).
    • ② The units shall be unified as SI units, the lowercase notation shall be used, in principle, for the units marked in English with the exception of customary capitalization.
    • ③ The numbers shall use the Arabic numerals, and a decimal point must be preceded by 0.
    • ④ A symbol shall be defined with a sentence where it is used first, and shall be written, in principle, in italics. This time the symbols marked on the text, formulas, figures, tables, and photos must keep the same font.
  • 8) (Reference) The references for the Journals of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers shall be written as "REFERENCES" (12 pt, Sinmyeongjo, boldface type), and all the references must be indicated in English (including body) (10 pt, Sinmyeongjo).

    • ① When quoting a document in the body, the name of author and publication year of cited references shall be written in English to its relevant contents.
    • ② For the papers with the same name of first author, they shall be ordered by the name of the second author of reference (the one without a second author shall be the first). For the papers with the same author shall be ordered by the year of publication. For the papers with the same name(s) of author(s) and year of publication, they shall be distinguished by lowercase alphabets after year such as "Oster, J. D., and J. H. Torrie, 1980a". However, if references are in Korean, it shall be written in English first, and then shall be inserted at the end of a sentence (in Korean).
    • ③ The references shall be given a serial number in Arabic numerals, and punctuation, author, spacing, punctuation etc. shall be strictly adhered.
  • 9) (Acknowledgement)

    • - Acknowledgement shall be written when needed and must be located in front of the reference.
    • - The contents of representation shall be denoted in Sinmyeongjo with the font size of 10 pt.

Processing fee

  • 1) The author must pay the processing fee of KRW 60,000 for three people at the same time of submitting a paper. In the case of expedited review, KRW 180,000/copy shall be paid (Account Number: NH Bank 096-01-295826, or Citibank, Korea 102-50842-243, Account Holder: Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers).

  • 2) The basic printing fee is KRW 80,000 up to 8 pages for standard review papers, KRW 120,000 up to 8 pages for expedited review papers, and the overcharges will apply for the excess amount as in the following tables. The final publication shall be approved on the date that the author has paid the publication fee.

    • ① Standard review paper
      Standard review paper
      No. of pages to be published Overcharge No. of pages to be published Overcharge
      9-10 pages KRW10,000/pages 11-12 pages KRW20,000/pages
      13-14 pages KRW30,000/pages 15 pages and more KRW40,000/pages
    • ② Expedited review paper
      Expedited review paper
      No. of pages to be published Overcharge No. of pages to be published Overcharge
      9-10 pages KRW20,000/pages 11-12 pages KRW30,000/pages
      13-14 pages KRW40,000/pages 15 pages and more KRW50,000/pages
  • 3) If an author wants to specify the benefit recipient organizations through funding the research paper, he or she needs to pay additional KRW 50,000 for additional printing.

  • 4) If an author does not meet the eligibility requirements (Chapter 3, Article 10 Paragraph 1), he or she shall bear the additional fee for publishing the paper except the processing fee.

  • 5) In the case of requiring special color printing, special design, and professional treatment in the printing process, the author shall burden the cost separately.

  • 6) The author will receive 30 reprints free of charge regarding the published paper, but in the case of printing additional copies, he or she must pay additional amount of KRW 25,000/10 copies at the time of final submission of paper.

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