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Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

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Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers publishes peer-reviewed research articles in engineering to help better understand and thus solve problems in agriculture, environment, food and other biological systems. Journal of the Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers presents cutting-edge research on a broad range of topics including irrigation and drainage, soil and water conservation, rural planning and development, agricultural structure & environmental control, rural environment & natural resources management, and more.


Current Issue

Current Issue
Water Balance Analysis of Pumped-Storage Reservoir during Non-Irrigation Period for Recurrent Irrigation Water Management

방나경 Bang Na-kyoung , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 신지현 Shin Ji-hyeon , 김한중 Kim Han-joong , 강구 Kang Ku , 백승출 Baek Seung-chool , 이광야 Lee Kwang-ya

62(4) 1-12, 2020

Determination of EMC and MFFn Rainfall Runoff in Songcheon, Doam Lake Watershed

권혁준 Kwon Hyeokjoon , 김종건 Kim Jonggun , 임경재 Lim Kyoungjae , 김동진 Kim Dongjin , 홍은미 Hong Eunmi

62(4) 13-22, 2020

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Durability of Fabric Concrete Binder for Emergency Repair

전상민 Jeon Sang-min , 조성문 Jo Sung-mun , 오리온 Oh Ri-on , 김황희 Kim Hwang-hee , 차상선 Cha Sang-sun , 박찬기 Park Chan-gi

62(4) 23-31, 2020

Establishment of Inundation Probability DB for Forecasting the Farmland Inundation Risk Using Weather Forecast Data

김시내 Kim Si-nae , 전상민 Jun Sang-min , 이현지 Lee Hyun-ji , 황순호 Hwang Soon-ho , 최순군 Choi Soon-kun , 강문성 Kang Moon-seong

62(4) 33-43, 2020

Poisson’s Ratio Prediction of Soil Using the Consolidation Undrained Triaxial Compression Test

임성윤 Lim Seongyoon , 유석철 Yu Seokchoel , 김유용 Kim Yuyong , 김명환 Kim Myeonghwan

62(4) 45-51, 2020

Analysis of Soil Moisture Changes in Reclaimed Tideland Using Van Genuchten Model

고대희 Ko Dae-hee , 손재권 Son Jae-gwon , 이기성 Lee Gi-sung , 김정균 Kim Jeong-kyun , 송재도 Song Jae-do , 박영준 Park Young-jun

62(4) 53-61, 2020

Effect of Chain Type Mole-Drainer Attached to Tractor for Drainage Improvement

전종길 Jonggil Jeon , 최용훈 Yonghun Choi , 김민영 Minyoung Kim , 김영진 Youngjin Kim , 이상봉 Sangbong Lee

62(4) 63-73, 2020

Yearly Estimation of Rice Growth and Bacterial Leaf Blight Inoculation Effect Using UAV Imagery

이경도 Lee Kyungdo , 김상민 Kim Sangmin , 안호용 An Hoyong , 박찬원 Park Chanwon , 홍석영 Hong Sukyoung , 소규호 So Kyuho , 나상일 Na Sangil

62(4) 75-86, 2020

Evaluation of Efficiency of Livestock Vehicle Disinfection Systems Using Water-Sensitive Paper

박진선 Park Jinseon , 홍세운 Hong Se-woon , 이인복 Lee In-bok

62(4) 87-97, 2020

Assessment of Future Water Circulation Rate in Dodang Watershed under Climate Change

곽지혜 Kwak Jihye , 황순호 Hwang Soonho , 전상민 Jun Sang Min , 김석현 Kim Seokhyeon , 최순군 Choi Soon Kun , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

62(4) 99-110, 2020

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