Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.46 No.1

Current Issue
Behaviour Analysis of Irrigation Reservoir Using Open Water Management Program

김선주 Kim Sun Joo , 김필식 Kim Phil Shik , 임창영 Lim Chang Young

46(1) 3-13, 2004

Estimation of Monthly Actual Evapotranspiration Using NOAA-AVHRR Satellite Images

권형중 Kwon Hyung Joong , 신사철 Shin Sha Chul , 김성준 Kim Seong Joon

46(1) 15-24, 2004

Model Tests Study on Flow-induced ibration of Tainter Gate in Estuary Sulices (Ⅰ)- Flow from the Gate Outside to the Gate Inside -

이성행 Lee Seong Haeng

46(1) 27-34, 2004

Development of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced Environmental Friendly Pavement Material for Farm Load

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong , 김영익 Kim Young Ik

46(1) 35-40, 2004

Tensile Behavior Fracture Properties of Ductile Hybird FRP Reinforcing Bar for Concrete Reinforcement

박찬기 Chan-gi Park , 원종필 Jong-pil Won

46(1) 41-51, 2004

Mix Proportions of Concrete for Roller Compacted Concrete Dam Application

원종필 Won Jong Pil , 윤종환 Yoon Jong Hwan , 김완영 Kim Wan Young

46(1) 53-60, 2004

Behavior Properties of Bridge by Non Destructive and Loading Test

민정기 Min Jeong Ki , 김영익 Kim Young Ik

46(1) 61-71, 2004

Rice Cultivation with Reclaimed Wastewater Irrigation for Wastewater Reuse

강문성 Kang Moon Seong , 박승우 Park Seung Woo , 김상민 Kim Sang Min , 성충현 Seong Chung Hyun

46(1) 75-86, 2004

Applications of WEPP Model to a Plot and a Small Upland Watershed

강민구 Kang Min Goo , 박승우 Park Seung Woo , 손정호 Son Jung Ho , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

46(1) 87-97, 2004

An Evaluation Study on Total Nitrogen(T-N) Item of Agricultural Water Standards

최선화 Choi Sun Hwa , 김호일 Kim Ho Il , 김민호 Kim Min Ho , 이변우 Lee Byun Woo , 이봉훈 Lee Bong Hun

46(1) 99-105, 2004

Analysis on the Characteristics of Water Qualiy in Prearranged Saemangeum Area

이광야 Lee Kwang Ya , 엄명철 Eom Myung Chul , 조재원 Cho Jae Won , 정해진 Jeong Hae Jin

46(1) 107-117, 2004

Development of An Optimal Routes Selection Model Considering Price Characteristics of Agricultural Products

서교 Suh Kyo , 이정재 Lee Jeong-jae , 허유만 Huh Yoo-man , 김한중 Kim Han-joong , 이호재 Yi Ho-jae

46(1) 121-131, 2004