Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.46 No.2

Current Issue
Hydraulic Model Experiment for Field Application of Iceharbor-type Precast Fishway

김재옥 Kim Jae-ok , 박상현 Park Sang-hyun , 조재원 Cho Jae-won , 황종석 Hwang Jong-seo , 조국현 Jo Guk-hyun , 조성주 Joh Seong-ju

46(2) 3-14, 2004

Flood Effects Analysis of Reservoir Basin through the Linkage of HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS Models

이원희 Lee Weon Hee , 김선주 Kim Sun Joo , 김필식 Kim Phil Shik

46(2) 15-25, 2004

Development of an Areal Elderly Migration Model for Demand Estimation of Rural Retirement Community

정남수 Jung Nam Su , 이정재 Lee Jeong Jae , 김한중 Kim Han Joong , 윤성수 Yoon Seong Su

46(2) 29-37, 2004

Model Tests Study on Flow-induced Vibration of Tainter Gate in Estuary Sulices(Ⅱ)- Flow from the Gate Inside to the Gate Outside -

이성행 Lee Seong Haeng , 우상익 Woo Sang Ik

46(2) 41-47, 2004

Effect of Flat and Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregates on Properties of Concrete

원종필 Won Jong Pil , 조용진 Cho Yong Chin , 박광수 Park Kwang Su , 신수균 Shin Su Gyun

46(2) 49-57, 2004

Freezing and Thawing Properties of High Strength Concrete Using Recycled Coars Aggregate

성찬용 Sung Chan-yong , 임상혁 Im Sang-hyuk

46(2) 59-66, 2004

Dynamic Behavior of Plane Parabolic Arches with Initial Deflections

조진구 Cho Jin Goo , 박근수 Park Keun Soo

46(2) 67-75, 2004

Reasonable Optimum Design of Prestressed Concrete Structures

김종옥 Kim Jong Ok

46(2) 77-89, 2004

Stability Analysis of the Light Weight Earth-Retaining Structure in the Trench Excavation

서성탁 Seo Sung-tag , 허창환 Heo Chang-han , 김희덕 Kim Hee-duck , 지홍기 Jee Hong-kee

46(2) 93-103, 2004

Evaluation of NPS Pollutant Loads from Clayey Loam Fields

최중대 Joong-dae Choi , 권순국 Soon-kuk Kwun , 권기석 Gi-seok Kwon

46(2) 107-114, 2004