Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.46 No.3

Current Issue
An Analysis of Drainage Characteristics at Large-Sized Paddy Fields Using a Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

강민구 Kang Min Goo , 박승우 Park Seung Woo , 박종민 Park Jong Min

46(3) 3-14, 2004

Development of A Single Reservoir Agricultural Drought Evaluation Model for Paddy

장민원 Jang Min Won , 정하우 Chung Ha Woo , 최진용 Choi Jin Yong , 박기욱 Park Ki Wook , 배승종 Bae Seung Jong

46(3) 17-30, 2004

Frequency Analysis of Extreme Rainfall Using 3 Parameter Probability Distributions

이순혁 Lee Soon-hyuk , 김병준 Kim Byeong-jun , 맹승진 Maeng Sung-jin , 류경식 Ryoo Kyong-sik

46(3) 31-42, 2004

Runoff Characteristics of Urbanization in the Mushim Stream Watershed Using HEC-HMS

이종형 Lee Jong Hyeong , 윤석환 Yoon Seok Hwan

46(3) 43-54, 2004

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortar Brick with Loess and Fly Ash

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong , 임성수 Lim Sung Soo

46(3) 57-63, 2004

Performance of Steel Fiber Reinforced Shotcrete using Alkali Free Based Accelerator

원종필 Won Jong-pil , 백철우 Baek Chul-woo , 박찬기 Park Chan-gi , 전언중 Jun Oun-jung

46(3) 65-72, 2004

Bond Performance of FRP Reinforcing Bar for Concrete Structures after Chemical Environmental Exposure

박찬기 Park Chan-gi , 원종필 Won Jong-pil

46(3) 73-81, 2004

Evaluation of Agricultural Biomass Resources for Renewable Energy - Biomass from Orchards and Non-paddy Fields-

홍성구 Hong Seonggu

46(3) 85-92, 2004

A Faunal Study in the Shihwa Constructed Wetland

권순국 Soon-kuk Kwun , 이우신 Woo-shin Lee , 우건석 Kun-suk Woo , 심재한 Jae-han Shim , 허위행 Wee-haeng Hur , 최현정 Hyun-jung Choe , 이상철 Sang-chul Lee

46(3) 93-105, 2004