Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.46 No.4

Current Issue
An Analysis of Surface irrigation's Hydraulic Characteristics at a Paddy Field Using a Two-Dimensional Numerical Model

박승우 Park Seung-woo , 박종민 Park Jong-min , 강민구 Kang Min-goo

46(4) 3-11, 2004

Analysis of water balance for pending depth treatment in paddy fields

박기중 Park Ki-jung , 정상옥 Chung Sang-ok , 손성호 Sohn Seung-ho

46(4) 13-21, 2004

Comparative Analysis of Regional and At-site Analysis for the Design Rainfall by Gamma and Non-Gamma Family (I)

류경식 Ryoo Kyong-sik , 이순혁 Lee Soon-hyuk

46(4) 25-36, 2004

An Analysis on Thermal Insulation Effect of Farm Structures Coated with Surface Treatment

서원명 Suh Won-myung , 윤용철 Yoon Yong-cheol

46(4) 39-46, 2004

Properties of Low Heat Portland Cement Concrete by Changing Temperature of Aggregate

조용진 Cho Yong-chin , 박광수 Park Kwang-su , 신수균 Shin Su-gyun , 원종필 Won Jong-pil

46(4) 49-55, 2004

Flow Properties of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced High flow Concrete

노경희 Noh Kyung-hee , 성찬용 Sung Chan-yong

46(4) 57-63, 2004

Development of a Stress Path Search Model of Evolutionary Structural Optimization Using TIN

김남수 Kim Nam-su , 이정재 Lee Jeong-jae , 윤성수 Yoon Seong-soo , 김윤순 Kim Yoon-soon

46(4) 65-71, 2004

Evaluation Technique of Seismic Performance on Agricultural Infrastructure - Based on Dynamic Numerical Analysis -

이달원 Lee Dal-won , 김용성 Kim Yong-seong

46(4) 75-84, 2004