Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.46 No.7

Current Issue
Soil Erosion Assessment Using RS/GIS for Watershed Management in Dukchun River Basin, a Tributary of Namgang and Jinyang Lake

Cho Byung , Jin Yu Chan

46(7) 3-12, 2004

Standardized Agricultural Land Use Classification Scheme at Various Spatial Resolution of Satellite Images

Hong Seong Min , Jung In Kyun , Park Geun Ae , Kim Seong Joon

46(7) 15-21, 2004

Simulation of Urban Expansion Causing Farmland Loss and Sprawl Phenomena with Cellular Automata Technology

Kim Dae Sik

46(7) 23-32, 2004

Development of a Ventilation Model for Mushroom House Using Adiabatic Panel

Kim Kee Sung , Han Jin Hee , Kim Moon Ki , Nam Sang Woon

46(7) 35-44, 2004

Engineering Properties of Eco-Permeable Polymer Concretes Using Blast Furnace Slag Powder and Stone Dust

Park Phil Woo , Sung Chan Yong

46(7) 47-53, 2004

Engineering Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced High Performance Concrete

Kim Young Ik , Sung Chan Yong

46(7) 55-67, 2004

A System for Estimating Daily Paddy Irrigation Water Requirements in Simulating Daily Streamflow

Noh Jae Kyoung

46(7) 71-80, 2004