Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.47 No.1

Current Issue
Climatic Water Balance Analysis Using NOAA/AVHRR Satellite Images

김성준 Kim Seong Joon , 권형중 Kwon Hyung Joong , 신사철 Shin Sha Chul

47(1) 3-9, 2005

A Study on Unified Packing Standard for Agricultural Products Based on Pallet Stacking Efficiency

서교 Kyo Suh , 이정재 Jeong-jae Lee , 서병륜 Byong-yoon Suh

47(1) 13-22, 2005

Strengths and Non-destruction Properties of Super Flow Concrete Using Recycled Coarse Aggregate

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong

47(1) 25-32, 2005

Estimation of Replacement Depth for the Sea-dike Construction

장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 우철웅 Woo Chull Woong , 김성필 Kim Seong Pil

47(1) 35-42, 2005

Geotechnical Characteristics Analysis of Oil Contaminated Clayey Soil

권무남 Kwon Moo Nam , 김현기 Kim Hyun Ki

47(1) 43-50, 2005

A Model for Settling Rate of the Dredged Soil

윤상묵 Yun Sang Muk , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 원정윤 Won Jung Yun , 김성필 Kim Sung Pil

47(1) 51-59, 2005

A Consolidation Settlement Prediction Considering Primary and Secondary Consolidation

이달원 Lee Dal Won , 정성규 Jeong Seong Gyu

47(1) 61-68, 2005

Pollutant Release from Crushed Reclaimed Concrete

홍성구 Hong Seonggu

47(1) 71-77, 2005

Analysis of Stream Water Quality Improvement Using Surface-flow Wetland

함종화 Jong-hwa Ham , 윤춘경 Chun G. Yoon , 구원석 Won-seok Koo , 김형철 Hyung-chul Kim , 신현범 Hyum-bhum Shin

47(1) 79-91, 2005

Early-Year Performance of the Sihwa Constructed Wetland for Stream Water Treatment

권순국 Soon-kuk Kwun , 이경도 Kyung-do Lee , 조영현 Young-hyun Cho , 김성배 Song-bae Kim , 전기설 Gi-seol Cheon

47(1) 93-102, 2005