Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.47 No.2

Current Issue
Securement of Upland Irrigation Water in Small Dams through Periodical Management of Storage Level

김선주 Sun Joo Kim , 이주용 Joo Yong Lee , 김필식 Phil Shik Kim

47(2) 3-12, 2005

Analysis of River Channel Morphology and Riparian Land Use Changes Using Aerial Photographs and GIS

박근애 Park Geun Ae , 이미선 Lee Mi Seon , 김현준 Kim Hyeon Jun , 김성준 Kim Seong Joon

47(2) 15-21, 2005

Development of a Ranking Model of Evaluation Indexes in Public Works

나준엽 Na Joon Yeup , 정남수 Jung Nam Su , 이정재 Lee Jeong Jae

47(2) 25-32, 2005

A Shipment Estimation of Agricultural Products Based on Garlic Using Tank Model

서교 Kyo Suh , 이정재 Jeong Jae Lee

47(2) 35-44, 2005

Economic Assessment of Biomass Heating for Rural Application

홍성구 Hong Seonggu

47(2) 45-52, 2005

Fluidity of Super Flow Concrete Using Recycled Coarse Aggregate

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong , 박일순 Park Il Soon

47(2) 55-61, 2005

Mechanical Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Lightweight Polymer Concrete

윤준노 Youn Joon-no , 성찬용 Sung Chan-yong

47(2) 63-72, 2005

Effect of Acceterated Aging on the Tensile and Bond Properties of FRP Rebar for Concrete

박찬기 Park Chan-gi , 원종필 Won Jong-pil

47(2) 73-84, 2005

Estimation of Degree of Consolidation in Soft Ground Using Field Measurements and Rheology Model

이달원 Lee Dal Won , 윤현정 Yoon Hyun Jung

47(2) 87-96, 2005

Evaluation of Percolated Water Quality of Paddy Fields Using Nonparametric Test

오승영 Oh Seung Young , 김진수 Kim Jin Soo , 오광영 Oh Kwang Young

47(2) 99-110, 2005

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