Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.47 No.4

Current Issue
System Simulation of Agricultural Marketing Based on GASS

서교 Kyo Suh , 이정재 Jeong-jae Lee , 김태곤 Tae-gon Kim , 이호재 Ho-jae Yi

47(4) 3-12, 2005

Structural Behavior Analysis of Two-way RC Slabs by p-Version Nonlinear Finite Element Model

조진구 Cho Jin Goo , 박진환 Park Jin Hwan

47(4) 15-24, 2005

Strength Properties of Polymer Concrete Using Recycled Aggregate

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong , 백승출 Back Seung Chul

47(4) 25-32, 2005

Characteristics of Permeability for an Unsaturated Soil

송창섭 Song Chang Seob , 신창섭 Shin Chang Seob

47(4) 35-41, 2005

Analysis of the Behavior of Undrained Pore Water Pressure in Saturated Sand by Isotropic Loading Test

임성훈 Eam Sung Hoon

47(4) 43-52, 2005

Seepage Characteristics of Embankment as with/without Gravel Layer under the Earth Fill

이행우 Lee Haeng Woo , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 장웅희 Chang Woong Hee , 김시운 Kim See-woon

47(4) 53-61, 2005

Non-point Source Pollution Modeling Using AnnAGNPS Model for a Bushland Catchment

최경숙 Kyung-sook Choi

47(4) 65-74, 2005

Investigation of Indicator Microorganism Concentrations after Reclaimed Water Irrigation in Paddy Rice Pots

정광욱 Jung Kwang-wook , 윤춘경 Yoon Chun-gyeong , 장재호 Jang Jae-ho , 김형철 Kim Hyung-chul , 전지홍 Jeon Ji-hong

47(4) 75-85, 2005