Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.47 No.5

Current Issue
Estimation of Seawater Intrusion Range in the Daechang Area Using 3D-FEMWATER Model

김경호 Kim Kyoung-ho , 박재성 Park Jae-sung , 이호진 Lee Ho-jin , 연주흠 Youn Ju-heum

47(5) 3-13, 2005

Structural Behavior Analysis of Skew RC Slabs by p-Version Nonlinear Finite Element Model

조진구 Cho Jin Goo , 박진환 Park Jin Hwan

47(5) 17-26, 2005

Facilitation of the Diverse Processing of High Ductile ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composite) Based on Micromechanics and Rheological Control

김윤용 Kim Yun Yong , 김정수 Kim Jeong Su

47(5) 27-39, 2005

Elastic Modeling for the Behavior of Undrained Pore Water Pressure in Saturated Sand

임성훈 Eam Sung Hoon

47(5) 43-49, 2005

Seismic Motion Amplification Characteristics at Reclaimed Ground

김용성 Kim Yong-seong , 김기영 Kim Ki-young , 전제성 Jeon Je-sung

47(5) 51-61, 2005

Mechanism of Soil Remediation in Contaminated Area Using Vertical Drains

이행우 Lee Haeng Woo , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 강병윤 Kang Byung Yoon , 김현태 Kim Hyun Tae

47(5) 63-71, 2005

Study on the Effects of In-streams by Discharging the Treated Sewage in Urban Stream

방천희 Bang Cheon-hee , 박재로 Park Jae-roh , 권혁 Kwon Hyok

47(5) 75-86, 2005

The Effect of Physical Design Parameters on the Constructed Wetland Performance

함종화 Jong-hwa Ham , 윤춘경 Chun G. Yoon , 구원석 Won-seok Koo , 김형철 Hyung-chul Kim , 신현범 Hyum-bhum Shin

47(5) 87-97, 2005

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