Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.48 No.1

Current Issue
Chemical Properties in the Soils of Reclaimed and Natural Tidelands of Southwest Coastal Area of Korea (I) - Distribution of Heavy Metal Fractions -

구자웅 Koo Ja Woong , 손재권 Son Jae Gwon , 조재영 Cho Jae Young

48(1) 3-10, 2006

Estimation of Paddy Rice Crop Coefficients for FAO Penman-Monteith and Modified Penman Method

유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 장민원 Jang Min-won

48(1) 13-23, 2006

Development of a Stream Discharge Estimation Program

이상진 Lee Sang Jin , 황만하 Hwang Man Ha , 이배성 Lee Bae Sung , 고익환 Ko Ick Hwan

48(1) 27-38, 2006

A Cultural Property Priority Assessment Using Information Measure Technique

정남수 Jung Nam Su , 이정재 Lee Jeong Jae

48(1) 41-48, 2006

Drying Shrinkage and Strength Properties of Polymer-Modified Mortars Using Redispersible Polymer Powder

연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 주명기 Joo Myung Ki , 이현종 Lee Hyun Jong , 김성기 Jin Xing Qi , 이지원 Lee Chi Won

48(1) 51-60, 2006

p-Version Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of RC Slabs Strengthened with Externally Bonded CFRP Sheets

조진구 Cho Jin Goo , 박진환 Park Jin Hwan

48(1) 61-68, 2006

Estimation of Saturation Depth by Reflecting Water-redistribution Phenomena at a Natural Slope

김웅구 Kim Woong Ku , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 차경섭 Cha Kyung Seob

48(1) 71-79, 2006

Simulation of Effects of the Size of Embedded Rock Layer under Earth Fill on Seepage Problems of Sea-dike

이행우 Lee Haeng Woo , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 송창섭 Song Chang Seob , 원정윤 Won Jeong Yun

48(1) 81-88, 2006

Water Quality and Correlation Analysis Between Water Quality Parameters in the Hwaong Watershed

정광욱 Jung Kwang-wook , 윤춘경 Chun-gyeong Yoon , 장재호 Jae-ho Jang , 전지홍 Ji-hong Jeon

48(1) 91-102, 2006