Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.48 No.4

Current Issue
Watershed Delineation Algorithm Using Kruskal's Algorithm and Triangulated Irregular Network

박미정 Park Meejeong , 허현 Heo Hyun , 김태곤 Kim Tae-gon , 서교 Suh Kyo , 이정재 Lee Jeong-jae

48(4) 3-12, 2006

Workability Characteristics of Cement-Mixed Soil for Architecture

이상호 Lee Sang Ho , 김진호 Kim Sang Chul , 김상철 Kim Jin Ho

48(4) 15-22, 2006

Flowability of High Flowable Concrete with Fly Ash and Lime Powder

조일호 Cho Il Ho , 성찬용 Sung Chan Yong

48(4) 23-30, 2006

Characteristics Analysis of Principal Stress Ratio in Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam Using a Model Test

김용성 Kim Yong-seong

48(4) 33-40, 2006

Estimation of Permeability Coefficient Using Fractal Dimension of Particle Size Distribution Curve in Granular Soils

박재성 Park Jae Seong , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck , 손영환 Son Young Hwan , 김성필 Kim Seong Pil

48(4) 41-49, 2006

The Prediction of Void Ratio in Unsaturated Soils

이달원 Lee Dal Won

48(4) 51-57, 2006

Compaction Management of Fill Materials for Concrete Faced Rockfill Dam Using Standard Void Ratio

김용성 Kim Yong-seong

48(4) 59-66, 2006

Liquefaction Behaviour of Saturated Silty Sand Under Monotonic Loading Conditions

이달원 Lee Dal Won

48(4) 67-74, 2006

Correlativity Analysis between Water Quality Items in the Dowoncheon Basin for Agricultural Watershed Management

손재권 Son Jae Gwon , 최진규 Choi Jin Kyu , 구자웅 Koo Ja Woong , 송재도 Song Jae Do , 조재영 Cho Jae Young , 김영주 Kim Young Ju

48(4) 77-86, 2006