Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.48 No.5

Current Issue
Determination Grid Cell for Estimation of Radar Relationship

이원호 Lee Won Ho , 김진극 Kim Jin Geuk

48(5) 3-15, 2006

Flood Frequency Analysis by Wakeby and Kappa Distributions Using L-Moments

맹승진 Maeng Seung-jin , 이순혁 Lee Soon-hyuk , 이현규 Lee Hyeon-gyu , 류경식 Ryu Kyong-sik , 송기현 Song Gi-heon

48(5) 17-27, 2006

Streamflow Estimation for Subbasins of Gap Stream Watershed by Using SWAT2000 Model

문종필 Jong-pil Moon , 김태철 Tai-cheol Kim

48(5) 29-38, 2006

Analysis of the Relationship Between Land Cover and Land Surface Temperature at Cheongju Region Using Landsat Images in Summer Day

박종화 Jong-hwa Park , 김진수 Jin-soo Kim , 나상일 Na Sang-il

48(5) 39-48, 2006

The Effect of Soil Warming on the Greenhouse Heating Load

남상운 Nam Sang Woon

48(5) 51-60, 2006

Frequency Dependence in Large Strain Range During Cyclic Triaxial Tests of Clay

김용성 Kim Yong Seong

48(5) 63-71, 2006

The Evaluation on In-Situ Adaptability of Mono-layer Landfill Final Cover System

유찬 Yu Chan , 윤성욱 Yun Sung-wook

48(5) 73-80, 2006

Analysis of Calculation Model for Specific Air-water Interface Area in Unsaturated Porous Media

김민규 Kim Min-kyu , 김성배 Kim Song-bae , 박성직 Park Seong-jik

48(5) 83-93, 2006

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