Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.48 No.7

Current Issue
Estimating USLE Soil Erosion through GIS-based Decision Support System

Y. G. Her , M. S. Kang , S. W. Park

48(7) 3-14, 2006

Potential Application Topics of KOMPSAT-3 Image in the Field of Precision Agriculture

Kim Seong Joon , Lee Mi Seon , Kim Sang Ho , Park Genn Ae

48(7) 17-22, 2006

Engineering Properties of Permeable Polymer Concrete Using Bottom Ash and Recycled Coarse Aggregate

Sung Chan Yong , Kim Jong Hyouk

48(7) 25-31, 2006

Liquefaction Behaviour and Prediction of Deviator Stress for Unsaturated Silty Sand

Lee Dal Won

48(7) 35-43, 2006

Dynamic Analysis of Sand-Clay Layered Ground Considering Viscous Effect of Clay

Kim Yong-seong

48(7) 45-52, 2006

Evaluation of Bacterial Transport Models for Saturated Column Experiments

Young-ju Ham , Song-bae Kim , Min-kyu Kim , Seong-jik Park

48(7) 55-63, 2006

Event Mean Concentration of Nitrogen and Phosphorus from a Dairy and Crop Farming Complex Watershed

Kwang-sik Yoon , Adel Shirmohammadi , Woo-jung Choi , Jae-woon Jung

48(7) 65-72, 2006

Optimal Poultry Litter Management through GIS-based Transportation Analysis System

M. S. Kang , P. Srivastava , J. P. Fulton , T. Tyson , W. F. Owsley , K. H. Yoo

48(7) 73-86, 2006