Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.49 No.2

Current Issue
Water Use Efficiency of Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Furrow Irrigation

권순국 Kwun Soon-kuk , 송인홍 Song In-hong , 피터월러 Waller Peter. M. , 최연식 Choi C. Yeonsik

49(2) 3-13, 2007

Analyzing the Flood Inundation in Low Agricultural Area

전계원 Jun Kye Won , 이호진 Lee Ho Jin

49(2) 17-24, 2007

Development of Model of Shear Strength Estimative for Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Using Neural Network

곽계환 Kae-hwan Kwak , 황해성 Hae-sung Hwang , 김우종 Woo-jong Kim , 장화섭 Hwa-sup Jang , 강신묵 Shin-muk Kang

49(2) 27-36, 2007

Optimum Mix Proportion of Latex Modified Repair Mortar for Agricultural Concrete Structures

원종필 Won Jong Pil , 이재영 Lee Jae Young , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi , 박성기 Park Seong Gi

49(2) 37-46, 2007

Simulation of Hydrological and Sediment Behaviors in the Doam-dam Watershed considering Soil Properties of the Soil Reconditioned Agricultural Fields

허성구 Heo Sung Gu , 김재영 Kim Jae Young , 유동선 Yoo Dong Sun , 김기성 Kim Ki Sung , 안재훈 Ahn Jae Hun , 윤정숙 Yoon Jong Suk , 임경재 Lim Kyoung Jae

49(2) 49-60, 2007

Quantitative Estimation of Pollution Loading from Hwaseong Watershed using BASINS/HSPF

정광욱 Kwang-wook Jung , 윤춘경 Chun G. Yoon , 장재호 Jae-ho Jang , 김형철 Hyung-chul Kim

49(2) 61-74, 2007

Development of Process for Village Scale Wastewater Treatment Using Biofilter and Sulfur-limestone

김태규 Kim Tae Kyu

49(2) 75-86, 2007

Irrigation with Microbial-Contaminated Water and Risk of Crop Contamination

최연식 Choi C. Yeonsik , 송인홍 Song Inhong , 권순국 Kwun Soon Kuk

49(2) 87-97, 2007

Characteristics of Pollutant Concentrations in Runoff Water from a Small Rural Watershed

오광영 Oh Kwang Young , 김진수 Kim Jin Soo , 조재원 Cho Jae Won

49(2) 99-108, 2007