Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.50 No.5

Current Issue
A Study on 3 Dimensional Modeling of Keum-man Connection Canal using GIS and considering Hydraulic Analysis

김대식 Kim Dae-sik , 남상운 Nam Sang-woon , 김태철 Kim Tai-cheol

50(5) 3-15, 2008

Compressive Strength and Acid-Resistant of Polymer Concrete Using Redispersible Polymer and Blast Furance Slag Powder

김인수 Kim In-su , 성찬용 Sung Chan-yong

50(5) 19-27, 2008

Stress-Strain Relation and Stress Block Parameters on Flexural Compressive Strength of Polymer Concrete

연규석 Yeon Kyu-seok , 이재철 Yi Jaichul , 최윤상 Choi Yoon-sang

50(5) 29-37, 2008

Strength Properties and Determination Method of Mix Proportion Factor of Latex Modified Concrete

박성기 Park Sung Ki , 원종필 Won Jong Pil , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi

50(5) 39-50, 2008

Bond Behavior of Carbon Fiber Polymer Reinforced Polymer Rebar in High Strength Concrete with Replacement Ratio of Silica Fume and Metakaolin

박찬기 Park Chan-gi , 원종필 Won Jong-pil , 김종옥 Kim Jong-ok

50(5) 51-60, 2008

Characteristic of electrical resistivity against volumetric water content and frequency in weathered soil

손영환 Son Young Hwan , 봉태호 Bong Tae Ho , 장병욱 Chang Pyoung Wuck

50(5) 63-72, 2008

Effect of Strength Properties of In-Situ Concrete Pile in Embankment Slopes on Embankment Materials and Boring Methods

황무석 Hwang Moo Suk , 정재훈 Jeoung Jae Hoon , 박승기 Park Seung Ki , 이창수 Lee Chang Soo , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi

50(5) 73-81, 2008