Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.52 No.1

Current Issue
Analysis of the Characteristics of NPS Runoff and Application of L-THIA model at Upper Daecheong Reservoir

신민환 Shin Min Hwan , 임경재 Lim Kyoung Jae , 최중대 Choi Joong Dae , 이재안 Lee Jae An , 천세억 Cheon Se Uk , 이열재 Lee Yeoul Jae

52(1) 1-11, 2010

Forecasting Monthly Runoff Using Ensemble Streamflow Prediction

이상진 Lee Sang Jin , 김주철 Kim Joo Cheol , 황만하 Hwang Man Ha , 맹승진 Maeng Seung Jin

52(1) 13-18, 2010

Estimation of Spatial Evapotranspiration using the Relationship between MODIS NDVI and Morton ET - For Chungjudam Watershed -

신형진 Shin Hyung-jin , 하림 Ha Rim , 박민지 Park Min-ji , 김성준 Kim Seong-joon

52(1) 19-24, 2010

Optimization of Operation Conditions for Improving the Nitrogen Removal Efficiency in Wastewater Treatment Plant

최은희 Choi Eun-hee , 브람클라벡 Bram Klapwijk , 마타이오스터하우스 Mathijs Oosterhuis

52(1) 25-31, 2010

Planting Properties of Herbaceous Plant and Cool-season Grass in Environmentally Friendly Planting Block Using CSG Materials

김영익 Kim Young Ik , 연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(1) 33-40, 2010

Estimation of Return Flow Rate of Irrigation Water in Daepyeong Pumping District

김태철 Kim Tai-cheol , 이호천 Lee Ho-choun , 문종필 Moon Jong-pil

52(1) 41-49, 2010

Compressive Strength Properties and Freezing and Thawing Resistance of CSG Materials

연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 김영익 Kim Young Ik , 현상훈 Hyun Sang Hoon , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(1) 51-59, 2010

Application of the Modified CA-Markov Technique for Future Prediction of Forest Land Cover in a Mountainous Watershed

박민지 Park Min Ji , 박근애 Park Geun Ae , 이용준 Lee Yong Jun , 김성준 Kim Seong Joon

52(1) 61-68, 2010

Mechanical Properties of Permeable Polymer Concrete for Permeability Pavement with Recycled Aggregate and Fiber Volume Fraction

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong , 김영익 Kim Young Ik

52(1) 69-77, 2010

Development of the SWAT DWDM for Accurate Estimation of Soil Erosion from an Agricultural field

장원석 Jang Won Seok , 박윤식 Park Younshik , 김종건 Kim Jonggun , 김남원 Kim Namwon , 최중대 Choi Joongdae , 옥용식 Ok Yong Sik , 양재의 Yang Jae E , 임경재 Lim Kyoung Jae

52(1) 79-88, 2010