Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.52 No.2

Current Issue
Comparison of Coefficient of Consolidation and Prediction of Excess Pore Water Pressure of Agricultural Reservoir under Embankment on Soft Ground

김은호 Kim Eun Ho , 이달원 Lee Dal Won

52(2) 1-9, 2010

Reinforcing Effect of Thin-wall at Serviceability Condition

김두환 Kim Doo Hwan , 윤성수 Yoon Seong Soo , 박진선 Park Jin Seon

52(2) 11-17, 2010

Characteristic of Resilient Modulus and Unconfined Compressive Strength for Recycled Materials blend with Cement Kiln Dust

손영환 Son Young Hwan

52(2) 19-25, 2010

Development Model for Estimating Critical Path Probability of Element Path in PERT

윤득노 Youn Deuk No , 김태곤 Kim Tae Gon , 한이철 Han Yi Cheol , 이정재 Lee Jeong Jae

52(2) 27-34, 2010

Implementation of System for a Ubiquitous Farming-diary

이용웅 Lee Yong Woong , 조종식 Cho Jong Sik , 주종길 Ju Jong Gil , 신창선 Shin Chang Sun , 여현 Yoe Hyun , 이종현 Lee Jong Hyun , 신한호 Sin Han Ho , 염창열 Yum Chang Yeol

52(2) 35-42, 2010

Characteristics of Vertical Stress Distribution in Sandy Soil According to the Relative Compaction and Composition of the Soil Layer

남효석 Nam Hyo Seok , 이상호 Lee Sang Ho

52(2) 43-50, 2010

Evaluation of Resilient Modulus Models for Recycled Materials

손영환 Son Young Hwan

52(2) 51-57, 2010

Characteristics of Reservoir Behavior According to Establishment Range of Waterproof Mat During Overflow

김영익 Kim Young Ik , 이익상 Lee Ik Sang , 최돈환 Choi Don Hwan , 임은상 Im Eun Sang , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(2) 59-66, 2010

Heat Loss Audit and Assessment of the Greenhouses Using Infrared Thermal Image Analysis

문종필 Moon Jong Pil , 윤남규 Yun Nam Kyu , 이성현 Lee Sung Hyoun , 김학주 Kim Hak Joo , 이수장 Lee Su Jang , 김영화 Kim Young-hwa

52(2) 67-73, 2010