Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.52 No.4

Current Issue
Development of Stream Width and Bed-slope Estimation Equations for Preparing Data for Distributed Storm Runoff Model

이지완 Lee Ji-wan , 김성준 Kim Seong-joon , 박종윤 Park Jong-yoon , 정인균 Jung In-kyun , 조형경 Joh Hyung-kyung

52(4) 1-10, 2010

A Proposed Minimum Cover for Corrugated Metal Pipe-Arch Culverts

여경윤 Yeau Kyong Yun

52(4) 11-17, 2010

Pollutant Load Delivery Ratio for Flow Duration at the Chooryeong-cheon Watershed

김영주 Kim Young Joo , 윤광식 Yoon Kwang Sik , 손재권 Son Jae Gwon , 최진규 Choi Jin Kyu , 장남익 Chang Nam Ik

52(4) 19-26, 2010

A Study on Economic Analysis of Rural Green-village Planning using Solar Energy

김대식 Kim Dae-sik , 남상운 Nam Sang-woon

52(4) 27-34, 2010

Evaluations of Potential Biofuels and Environmental Implications with Latent Biomass Resources in South Korea

서교 Suh Kyo , 김태곤 Kim Taegon , 이정재 Lee Jeong-jae

52(4) 35-44, 2010

Evaluation of Internal Settlement of Rockfill Dam under Construction

서민우 Seo Min Woo , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(4) 45-52, 2010

Analysis of Landscape Structure on the Impervious Cover of the Gap-Stream Watershed using FRAGSTATS

최진영 Choi Jin Young , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong , 배승종 Bae Seung Jong , 김학관 Kim Hak Kwan , 정세웅 Chung Se Woong

52(4) 53-61, 2010

The Germination, Cover View and Root Potential Properties of Plants within CSG Planting Block by Mixture Seeding

김영익 Kim Young Ik , 연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(4) 63-71, 2010

The Compaction and Compressive Strength Properties of CSG Material Reinforced Polypropylene Fiber

김영익 Kim Young Ik , 연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(4) 73-81, 2010

Projection and Analysis of Future Temperature and Precipitation using LARS-WG Downscaling Technique - For 8 Meteorological Stations of South Korea -

신형진 Shin Hyung-jin , 박민지 Park Min-ji , 조형경 Joh Hyung-kyung , 박근애 Park Geun-ae , 김성준 Kim Seong-joon

52(4) 83-91, 2010

Unconfined Compressive Strength and Micro-Structure Properties of CSG Materials Due to Specimen Size

김영익 Kim Young Ik , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

52(4) 93-101, 2010

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