Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.53 No.5

Current Issue
Comparison between Spatial Interpolation Methods of Temperature Data for Garlic Cultivation

김용완 Kim Yong Wan , 홍석영 Hong Suk Young , 장민원 Jang Min Won

53(5) 1-7, 2011

Regionalization of CN values at Imha Watershed with SCE-UA

전지홍 Jeon Ji-hong , 김태동 Kim Taedong , 최동혁 Choi Donghyuk

53(5) 9-16, 2011

Durability Characteristics of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Clapping Plates for Application of Rubber Dam

이정우 Lee Jeong Woo , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi , 김종옥 Kim Jong Ok , 이승기 Lee Seung Kee , 김필식 Kim Pil Sik

53(5) 17-23, 2011

Effects of Aggregate and Curing Temperature on Strength Development of UP-MMA based Polymer Mortar under Sub-Zero Temperature

연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong , 차진윤 Cha Jin Yun , 손승완 Son Seung Wan

53(5) 25-33, 2011

The Applicability of SWAT-APEX Model for Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Assessment

정충길 Jung Chung Gil , 박종윤 Park Jong Yoon , 이지완 Lee Ji Wan , 정혁 Jung Hyuk , 김성준 Kim Seong Joon

53(5) 35-42, 2011

Wireless Sensor Network Development using RFID for Agricultural Water Management

남원호 Nam Won-ho , 김태곤 Kim Taegon , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 김진택 Kim Jin-taek , 나민철 La Min-chul

53(5) 43-51, 2011

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