Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.55 No.3

Current Issue
Estimation of Available Permit Water for Considering the Evaporation of Multipurpose Dams in Nakdong River Basin

김선주 Kim Sun Joo , 박기춘 Park Ki Chun , 박희성 Park Hee Seong

55(3) 1-7, 2013

An Experimental Study on Permeability Characteristics of Blast Furnace Slag Concrete

백신원 Paik Shinwon , 오대영 Oh Daeyoung

55(3) 9-12, 2013

Assessment of Anti-Drought Capacity for Agricultural Reservoirs using RCP Scenarios

박나영 Park Na-young , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 이상현 Lee Sang-hyun

55(3) 13-24, 2013

Optimum Mix Proportion and Mechanical Properties of Rain Garden Structure Concrete using Recycled Coarse Aggregate, Hwang-Toh, Blast Furnace Slag and Jute Fiber

김동현 Kim Dong-hyun , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi

55(3) 25-33, 2013

Fluoride Removal from Aqueous Solutions using Industrial Waste Red Mud

엄병환 Um Byung-hwan , 조성욱 Jo Sung-wook , 강구 Kang Ku , 박성직 Park Seong-jik

55(3) 35-40, 2013

Agricultural Drought Risk Assessment using Reservoir Drought Index

남원호 Nam Won Ho , 최진용 Choi Jin Yong , 장민원 Jang Min Won , 홍은미 Hong Eun Mi

55(3) 41-49, 2013

An Analysis of Environmental Water Release Patterns Considering Operation Rules in Enlarged Agricultural Reservoirs

이상현 Lee Sang-hyun , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 박나영 Park Na-young , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong

55(3) 51-62, 2013

Surface Drainage Simulation Model for Irrigation Districts Composed of Paddy and Protected Cultivation

송정헌 Song Jung-hun , 강문성 Kang Moon-seong , 송인홍 Song Inhong , 황순호 Hwang Soon-ho , 박지훈 Park Jihoon , 안지현 Ahn Ji-hyun

55(3) 63-73, 2013

The Analysis of the Seepage Quantity of Reservoir Embankment using Stochastic Response Surface Method

봉태호 Bong Tae-ho , 손영환 Son Young-hwan , 노수각 Noh Soo-kack , 최우석 Choi Woo-seok

55(3) 75-84, 2013

A Study on the Method of Safety Condition Evaluation using Analytic Hierarchy Process

백신원 Paik Shinwon , 이미선 Lee Misun

55(3) 85-89, 2013

Effects of Indirect Wastewater Reuse on Water Quality and Soil Environment in Paddy Fields

정한석 Jeong Han Seok , 박지훈 Park Ji Hoon , 성충현 Seong Choung Hyun , 장태일 Jang Tae Il , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong , 박승우 Park Seung Woo

55(3) 91-104, 2013

Statistics and Probability Distribution of Total Coliforms in Wastewater

전상민 Jun Sang Min , 송인홍 Song Inhong , 정한석 Jeong Han Seok , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong , 박승우 Park Seung Woo

55(3) 105-111, 2013

Pullout Performance of Reinforcing Fiber Embedded in Nano Materials Cement Mortar with Nano Clay Contents

오리온 Oh Ri-on , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi

55(3) 113-121, 2013

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Low Carbon Green Concrete

조일호 Cho Il Ho , 성찬용 Sung Chan Yong

55(3) 123-128, 2013

Analysis of Strength Characteristic for Bottom Ash Mixtures as Mixing Ratio and Curing Methods

최우석 Choi Woo-seok , 손영환 Son Young-hwan , 박재성 Park Jae-sung , 노수각 Noh Soo-kack , 봉태호 Bong Tae-ho

55(3) 129-140, 2013

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