Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.57 No.1

Current Issue
The Monitoring on Gradual Change of Seepage Blocking State with the Hydraulic Head Loss Rate Change According to Passage of time in Sea Dike Embankment

임성훈 Eam Sung Hoon

57(1) 1-9, 2015

The Estimation of Compacted State on Sea Dike Embankment with the Interrelationships Between the Hydraulic Head Loss Rate, the Hydraulic Conductivity and the Void Ratio

임성훈 Eam Sung Hoon

57(1) 11-23, 2015

Impact Assessment of Liquid Manure Application on Soil and Shallow Groundwater in Poplar Experimental Site

홍은미 Hong Eun-mi , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 이상현 Lee Sang-hyun , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan

57(1) 25-35, 2015

Projection of Temporal Trends on Drought Characteristics using the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI) in South Korea

남원호 , Michael J. Hayes , Donald A. Wilhite , Mark D. Svoboda

57(1) 37-45, 2015

Estimation of Design Flood for the Gyeryong Reservoir Watershed based on RCP scenarios

류정훈 Ryu Jeong Hoon , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong , 송인홍 Song Inhong , 박지훈 Park Jihoon , 송정헌 Song Jung-hun , 전상민 Jun Sang Min , 김계웅 Kim Kyeung

57(1) 47-57, 2015

Water Supply Risk Assessment of Agricultural Reservoirs using Irrigation Vulnerability Model and Cluster Analysis

남원호 , 김태곤 , 홍은미 , Michael J. Hayes , Mark D. Svoboda

57(1) 59-67, 2015

Characteristics of Irrigation Return Flow in a Reservoir Irrigated District

송정헌 Song Jung Hun , 송인홍 Song Inhong , 김진택 Kim Jin-taek , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

57(1) 69-78, 2015

Estimation of Synthesis Gas Composition by Biomass Fuel Conditions using Thermodynamic Equilibrium Model

홍성구 Hong Seong-gu

57(1) 79-87, 2015

Hourly SWAT Watershed Modeling for Analyzing Reduction Effect of Nonpoint Source Pollution Discharge Loads

장선숙 Jang Sun Sook , 안소라 Ahn So Ra , 최중대 Choi Joong Dae , 김성준 Kim Seong Joon

57(1) 89-97, 2015

Sensitivity Analysis of Soil Properties for the Slope Safety Factor in Embankments utilized Bottom Ash and Dredged Soil Mixture

노수각 Noh Soo-kack , 손영환 Son Young-hwan , 박재성 Park Jae-sung , 봉태호 Bong Tae-ho

57(1) 99-109, 2015

Growth Characteristics of Microorganism on Lapilli-Cement mixed Bioblocks

박성용 Park Sung-yong , 박덕환 Park Duck-hwan , 김현선 Kim Hyun-sun , 김정면 Kim Jung-myeon , 임현택 Lim Hyun-taek , 배수빈 Bae Su-bin , 김용성 Kim Yong-seong

57(1) 111-118, 2015

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