Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.57 No.2

Current Issue
Uncertainty Characteristics in Future Prediction of Agrometeorological Indicators using a Climatic Water Budget Approach

남원호 Nam Won-ho , 홍은미 Hong Eun-mi , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 조재필 Cho Jaepil , Michael J. Hayes

57(2) 1-13, 2015

Development of Distributed Hydrological Analysis Tool for Future Climate Change Impacts Assessment of South Korea

김성준 Seong Joon Kim , 김상호 Sang Ho Kim , 조형경 Hyung Kyung Joh , 안소라 So Ra Ahn

57(2) 15-26, 2015

Effect of NPS Loadings from Livestock on Small Watersheds

이수인 Lee Su In , 신민환 Shin Min Hwan , 전제홍 Jeon Je Hong , 박병기 Park Byeong Ky , 이지민 Lee Ji Min , 원철희 Won Chul Hee , 최중대 Choi Joong Dae

57(2) 27-36, 2015

Evaluation of Regression Models in LOADEST to Estimate Suspended Solid Load in Hangang Waterbody

박윤식 Park Youn Shik , 이지민 Lee Ji Min , 정영훈 Jung Younghun , 신민환 Shin Min Hwan , 박지형 Park Ji Hyung , 황하선 Hwang Hasun , 류지철 Ryu Jichul , 박장호 Park Jangho , 김기성 Kim Ki-sung

57(2) 37-45, 2015

Field Case Study of Mechanized Form Roads Pavement Construction using Cellulose Fiber Reinforced Concrete

박종건 Park Jong Gun

57(2) 47-56, 2015

Flexural and Interfacial Bond Properties of Hybrid Steel/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Panel Gate with Steel Gate Surface Deformation for Improved Movable Weir

김기원 Kim Ki Won , 권형중 Kwon Hyung Joong , 김필식 Kim Phil Sik , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi

57(2) 57-66, 2015

Void Ratio, Compressive Strength and Freezing and Thawing Resistance of Natural Jute Fiber Reinforced Non-Sintering Inorganic Binder Porous Concrete

김황희 Kim Hwang Hee , 김춘수 Kim Chun Soo , 전지홍 Jeon Ji Hong , 박찬기 Park Chan Gi

57(2) 67-73, 2015

Estimation of Application Cost and Utilization of Turf Grass VFS for Reduction of Uplands NPS Pollution

이슬기 Seul-gi Lee , 장정렬 Jeong-ryeol Jang , 최경숙 Kyung-sook Choi

57(2) 75-83, 2015

Estimation of Water Footprint for Livestock Products in Korea

이상현 Lee Sang-hyun , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 김영득 Kim Young Deuk , 신안국 Shin Ankook

57(2) 85-92, 2015

Analysis of Water Loss Rate and Irrigation Efficiency in Irrigation Canal at the Dong-Jin District

홍은미 Hong Eun-mi , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 남원호 Nam Won-ho , 이상현 Lee Sang-hyun , 최진규 Choi Jin-kyu , 김진택 Kim Jin-taek

57(2) 93-101, 2015