Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.57 No.6

Current Issue
Development of Two Dimensional Chloride Ion Penetration Model Using Moving Mesh Technique

최원 Choi Won , 김한중 Kim Hanjoong

57(6) 1-7, 2015

Strategies for Increasing Biomass Energy Utilization in Rural Areas - Focusing on heating for greenhouse cultivation -

홍성구 Hong Seong Gu

57(6) 9-20, 2015

Analysis of Natural Ventilation Rates of Venlo-type Greenhouse Built on Reclaimed Lands using CFD

이상연 Lee Sang-yeon , 이인복 Lee In-bok , 권경석 Kwon Kyeong-seok , 하태환 Ha Tae-hwan , 여욱현 Yeo Uk-hyeon , 박세준 Park Se-jun , 김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 조예슬 Jo Ye-seul , 이승노 Lee Seung-no

57(6) 21-33, 2015

Measurement of Dust Concentration in a Naturally Ventilated Broiler House according to Season and Worker’s Access

조예슬 Jo Ye-seul , 권경석 Kwon Kyeong-seok , 이인복 Lee In-bok , 하태환 Ha Tae-hwan , 박세준 Park Se-jun , 김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 여욱현 Yeo Uk-hyeon , 이상연 Lee Sang-yeon , 이승노 Lee Seung-no

57(6) 35-46, 2015

Comparison of Soil Chemistry and Environmental Characteristics of Organic Paddy and Conventional Paddy Before Basal Fertilizer Application

박정수 Park Jeong-soo , 왕용 Wang Long , 강구 Kang Ku , 구본운 Gu Bon-wun , 김한중 Kim Han-joong , 홍성구 Hong Seong-gu , 홍승길 Hong Seung-gil , 박성직 Park Seong-jik

57(6) 47-57, 2015

Indeterminate Truss Structure Analysis using Topological Load Redistribution Method

최원 Choi Won , 김한중 Kim Hanjoong

57(6) 59-68, 2015

Research on the Sediment Characteristics in Change Structural Shape of Agricultural Irrigation

박정구 Park Jung Koo , 김명환 Kim Myeong Hwan , 송창섭 Song Chang Seob

57(6) 69-77, 2015

Evaluating Applicability of Sediment Transport Capacity Equations through Sensitivity Analysis

허용구 Her Younggu , 황세운 Hwang Syewoon

57(6) 79-90, 2015

Crops Classification Using Imagery of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

박진기 Park Jin Ki , 박종화 Park Jong Hwa

57(6) 91-97, 2015

Changes in Shear Strength of Bottom ash through the Particle Breakage

윤태강 Yun Tae-kang , 손영환 Son Young-hwan , 박재성 Park Jae-sung , 노수각 Noh Soo-kack , 봉태호 Bong Tae-ho , 김동근 Kim Dong-geun

57(6) 99-105, 2015

Breakage Index and Changes in Permeability of Bottom Ash for Use as Fill Material

김동근 Kim Donggeun , 손영환 Son Younghwan , 박재성 Park Jaesung , 봉태호 Bong Taeho

57(6) 107-115, 2015

Dynamic Characteristics of the Long Span Truss-Type Lift Gate by Model Test

이성행 Lee Seong Haeng , 함형길 Hahm Hyung-gil , 유광식 Ryu Goang Sik

57(6) 117-123, 2015

Management of Ponding Depth and Discharge Filtration from Paddy Fields for Controlling Non-point Source Pollution

최용훈 Yonghun Choi , 김영진 Youngjin Kim , 김승희 Seounghee Kim , 김민영 Minyoung Kim

57(6) 125-130, 2015

An Experimental Study for Deriving Design Factors of Snow Removal Machines for Multi-span Greenhouse

송호성 Song Hosung , 김유용 Kim Yu Yong , 윤남규 Yun Nam Kyu , 임성윤 Lim Seong Yoon

57(6) 131-140, 2015

Measurement of Structural Properties of PLA Filament as a Supplier of 3D Printer

최원 Choi Won , 우재형 Woo Jae-hyeong , 전정배 Jeon Jeong-bae , 윤성수 Yoon Seong-soo

57(6) 141-152, 2015

Trend Analysis of Monthly Water Quality Data in Nakdong River Based on Seasonal Mann-Kendall Test

윤정혜 Yun Jung-hye , 황세운 Hwang Syewoon , 김동현 Kim Dong-hyeon , 김상민 Kim Sang-min

57(6) 153-162, 2015

Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Changes in Observed Groundwater Level in a Paddy Region

장민원 Jang Min-won , 박기욱 Park Ki-wook , 김성준 Kim Seong Joon , 배승종 Bae Seung-jong

57(6) 163-171, 2015

Estimation of Soil Moisture and Irrigation Requirement of Upland using Soil Moisture Model applied WRF Meteorological Data

홍민기 Hong Min-ki , 이상현 Lee Sang-hyun , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 이성학 Lee Sung-hack , 이승재 Lee Seung-jae

57(6) 173-183, 2015