Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.58 No.2

Current Issue
Application of Activated Carbon and Crushed Concrete as Capping Material for Interrupting the Release of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Organic Substance from Reservoir Sediments

강구 Kang Ku , 김원재 Kim Won-jae , 박성직 Park Seong-jik

58(2) 1-9, 2016

Schematic Development of Risk Analysis for Dam Safety

허건 Heo Gun

58(2) 11-20, 2016

A Conceptual Design of Spatial and Non-spatial Information for Water Hazard Information Management and Service

이정주 Lee Jeong-ju , 김동영 Kim Dong-young , 정영훈 Jung Young-hun , 황의호 Hwang Eui-ho , 채효석 Chae Hyo-sok

58(2) 21-29, 2016

Safety Evaluation of Agricultural Reservoirs due to Raising Embankment by Field Monitoring and Numerical Analysis

이광솔 Lee Kwang Sol , 이달원 Lee Dal Won , 이영학 Lee Young Hak

58(2) 31-44, 2016

Comparision Analysis of Model Test for Prediction of Uplift Resistance in the Reclaimed Land Greenhouse Foundation

송창섭 Song Chang Seob , 김명환 Kim Myeong Hwan , 장웅희 Jang Ung Hee

58(2) 45-52, 2016

Spatial Distribution Mapping of Cyanobacteria in Daecheong Reservoir Using the Satellite Imagery

백신철 Back Shin Cheol , 박진기 Park Jin Ki , 박종화 Park Jong Hwa

58(2) 53-63, 2016

Evaluation of Agricultural Water Supply Potential in Agricultural Reservoirs

김진수 Kim Jin Soo , 이재용 Lee Jae Yong , 이정범 Lee Jeong Beom , 송철민 Song Chul Min , 박지성 Park Ji Sung

58(2) 65-71, 2016

A Study on the Strength Properties of FRP Member for Making Personal Disaster Shelters in Rural Area

김정면 Kim Jung Meyon , 황대원 Hwang Dea Won , 임현택 Lim Hyun Taek , 박성용 Park Sung Yong , 연규석 Yeon Kyu Seok , 김용성 Kim Yong Seong

58(2) 73-82, 2016

Flexural Performance of Polypropylene Fiber Reinforced EVA Concrete

성찬용 Sung Chan Yong , 남기성 Nam Ki Sung

58(2) 83-90, 2016

Uncertainty Analysis of Future Design Floods for the Yongdang Reservoir Watershed using Bootstrap Technique

이도길 Lee Do Gil , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong , 박지훈 Park Jihoon , 류정훈 Ryu Jeong Hoon

58(2) 91-99, 2016