Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.61 No.1

Current Issue
Verification of Mid-/Long-term Forecasted Soil Moisture Dynamics Using TIGGE/S2S

신용희 Shin Yonghee , 정임국 Jung Imgook , 이현주 Lee Hyunju , 신용철 Shin Yongchul

61(1) 1-8, 2019


Pollutant Delivery Ratio of Okdong-cheon Watershed Using HSPF Model

이현지 Lee Hyunji , 김계웅 Kim Kyeung , 송정헌 Song Jung-hun , 이도길 Lee Do Gil , 이한필 Rhee Han-pil , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

61(1) 9-20, 2019


Analysis of Drought Risk in the Upper River Basins based on Trend Analysis Results

정일원 Il Won Jung , 김동영 Dong Yeong Kim , 박지연 Jiyeon Park

61(1) 21-29, 2019


Development of Hydroclimate Drought Index (HCDI) and Evaluation of Drought Prediction in South Korea

류재현 Ryu Jaehyun , 김정진 Kim Jungjin , 이경도 Lee Kyungdo

61(1) 31-44, 2019


Analysis of Baseflow using Future Land Use and Climate Change Scenario

최유진 Choi Yujin , 김종건 Kim Jonggun , 이동준 Lee Dong Jun , 한정호 Han Jeongho , 이관재 Lee Gwanjae , 박민지 Park Minji , 김기성 Kim Kisung , 임경재 Lim Kyoung Jae

61(1) 45-59, 2019


Short Term Drought Forecasting using Seasonal ARIMA Model Based on SPI and SDI - For Chungju Dam and Boryeong Dam Watersheds -

윤영선 Yoon Yeongsun , 이용관 Lee Yonggwan , 이지완 Lee Jiwan , 김성준 Kim Seongjoon

61(1) 61-74, 2019


Evaluation of Wind Load and Drag Coefficient of Insect Net in a Pear Orchard using Wind Tunnel Test

송호성 Song Hosung , 유석철 Yu Seok-cheol , 김유용 Kim Yu Yong , 임성윤 Lim Seong-yoon

61(1) 75-83, 2019


Life Cycle CO2 Assessment and Domestic Applicability Evaluation of the Drainage Material for Reclaimed Land Using Oyster Shell

전지훈 Jeon Jihun , 손영환 Son Younghwan , 김동근 Kim Donggeun , 김태진 Kim Taejin

61(1) 85-93, 2019


Estimating Reference Crop Evapotranspiration Using Artificial Neural Network and Temperature-based Climatic Data

이성학 Lee Sung-hack , 김마가 Kim Maga , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 방재홍 Bang Jehong

61(1) 95-105, 2019


Outlier Detection of Real-Time Reservoir Water Level Data Using Threshold Model and Artificial Neural Network Model

김마가 Kim Maga , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 방재홍 Bang Jehong , 이재주 Lee Jaeju

61(1) 107-120, 2019


Irrigation Water Requirements for Upland Crops Using Rainfall Data and Water Management Guidelines

최용훈 Choi Yonghun , 김영진 Kim Youngjin , 김용원 Kim Yongwon , 김민영 Kim Minyoung , 전종길 Jeon Jonggil

61(1) 121-130, 2019


Determination of Hydrophyte Index of Native Plant on the Downstream Slope of Earth Fill Dam

김현수 Kim Hyun Soo , 류범희 Ryu Bum Hee , 박승기 Park Seung Ki

61(1) 131-144, 2019


Comparative Evaluation of Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) and Effective Drought Index (EDI) for Meteorological Drought Detection over Bangladesh

모하마드캄루자먼 Kamruzzaman M. , 조재필 Cho Jaepil , 장민원 Jang Min-won , 황세운 Hwang Syewoon

61(1) 145-159, 2019