Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.61 No.5

Current Issue
Estimation of Agricultural Reservoir Water Storage Based on Empirical Method

강한솔 Kang Hansol , 안현욱 An Hyunuk , 남원호 Nam Wonho , 이광야 Lee Kwangya

61(5) 1-10, 2019


The Effects of Rural Community Business and It’s Performance and Relationship with Residents’ Life Satisfaction - Mediating the Effects of Performance -

정상숙 Jeong Sang Sook , 엄성준 Eom Seong Jun , 조성결 Jo Seung Geul , 리신호 Rhee Shin Ho

61(5) 11-22, 2019


Response of Crop Water Stress Index (CWSI) and Canopy Temperature of Apple Tree to Irrigation Treatment Schemes

김민영 Kim Minyoung , 최용훈 Choi Yonghun , 조정건 Cho Junggun , 윤석규 Yun Seokkyu , 박정훈 Park Jeonghun , 김영진 Kim Youngjin , 전종길 Jeon Jonggil , 이상봉 Lee Sangbong

61(5) 23-31, 2019


A Economic Feasibility Study on Environmental Ecology Flow Supply Plan using Agricultural Reservoir - Focused on Dongbok River -

박진현 Park Jin-hyeon , 고재한 Ko Jae Han , 성무홍 Sung Mu-hong , 정형모 Jung Hyoung-mo , 박태선 Park Tae-sun , 곽영철 Kwak Yeong Cheol , 최우영 Choi Woo-young , 범진아 Boem Jina , 정민혁 Jeung Minhyuk , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 윤광식 Yoon Kwang-sik

61(5) 33-47, 2019


An Analysis on the Prospects and Realities of Local Governments’ Project Promotions according to the Changes in Financial Policy of Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Projects

배승종 Bae Seung-jong , 김대식 Kim Dae-sik , 김수진 Kim Soo-jin , 김성필 Kim Seong-pil

61(5) 49-55, 2019


A Study on Public Effect of Rural Tourism Development Project on the Rural Community

박미정 Park Meejeong , 전정배 Jeon Jeongbae , 손호기 Son Hogi , 신민지 Shin Minji , 박로운 Park Roun

61(5) 57-68, 2019


Estimation of the Hapcheon Dam Inflow Using HSPF Model

조현경 Hyun Kyung Cho , 김상민 Sang Min Kim

61(5) 69-77, 2019


Applicability of Optical Particle Counters for Measurement of Airborne Pesticide Spray Drift

김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 홍세운 Hong Se-woon

61(5) 79-87, 2019


Estimation of High-Resolution Soil Moisture based on Sentinel-1A/B SAR Sensors

김상우 Kim Sangwoo , 이태화 Lee Taehwa , 신용철 Shin Yongchul

61(5) 89-99, 2019


Assessment of Evaporation Rates from Litter of Duck House

이상연 Lee Sang-yeon , 이인복 Lee In-bok , 김락우 Kim Rack-woo , 여욱현 Yeo Uk-hyeon , 데카노크리스티나 Decano Cristina , 김준규 Kim Jun-gyu , 최영배 Choi Young-bae , 박유미 Park You-me , 정효혁 Jeong Hyo-hyeog

61(5) 101-108, 2019