Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.64 No.2

Current Issue
Simulation of Solar Irradiance Distribution Under Agrivoltaic Facilities

정영준 Jeong Young-joon , 이상익 Lee Sang-ik , 이종혁 Lee Jong-hyuk , 서병훈 Seo Byung-hun , 김동수 Kim Dong-su , 이지민 Lee Jimin , 최원 Choi Won

64(2) 1-13, 2022


Vulnerability Assessment of Idleness in Rural Areas from Multiple Perspectives

이지민 Lee Jimin , 최원 Choi Won

64(2) 15-25, 2022


A Study on How to Reduce the Amount of Groundwater Used in the Dry Season and Improve the Water Quality of the Base Runoff

강태성 Kang Tae-seong , 양동석 Yang Dong-seok , 유나영 Yu Na-yeong , 신민환 Shin Min-hwan , 임경재 Lim Kyoung-jae , 김종건 Kim Jong-gun

64(2) 27-35, 2022


A Pilot Experiments for Evaluation of Cover Soil Loss from Inclined Upland around Remediated Abandoned Mine Site - The Condition of Chemical Characteristics and Inclination -

윤성욱 Yun Sung-wook , 강희천 Kang Hui-cheon , 권요셉 Kwon Yo-seb , 고일하 Koh Il-ha , 정문호 Jeong Mun-ho , 유찬 Yu Chan

64(2) 37-45, 2022


Effects of Duration and Time Distribution of Probability Rainfall on Paddy Fields Inundation

전상민 Jun Sang-min , 김귀훈 Kim Kwi-hoon , 이현지 Lee Hyunji , 강기호 Kang Ki-ho , 유승환 Yoo Seung-hwan , 최진용 Choi Jin-yong , 강문성 Kang Moon-seong

64(2) 47-55, 2022


A Study on the Effect of Group Heating in Rural Villages Using Poplar Wood Chips on Fuel Quality, Cost, and Atmospheric Environment

안병일 An Byeong-il , 고경호 Ko Kyoung-ho

64(2) 57-69, 2022


Development of Monthly Hydrological Cycle Assessment System Using Dynamic Water Balance Model Based on Budyko Framework

김계웅 Kim Kyeung , 황순호 Hwang Soonho , 전상민 Jun Sang-min , 이현지 Lee Hyunji , 김시내 Kim Sinae , 강문성 Kang Moon Seong

64(2) 71-83, 2022


Features and Socio-Economic Background of Farmland Consolidation Project during the 1930s and 1940s in Korea


64(2) 85-96, 2022


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