Journal of Korean Society of Agricultural Engineers

Vol.64 No.5

Current Issue
Experimental Assessment of Biomass Gasification for Hydrogen Production

홍성구 Hong Seong Gu , 엄병환 Um Byung Hwan

64(5) 1-8, 2022


Modification of an LPG Engine Generator for Biomass Syngas Application

엘리에젤하비네자 Eliezel Habineza , 홍성구 Hong Seong Gu

64(5) 9-16, 2022


Establishment of Condition Assessment Criteria in Agricultural Reservoirs by AHP

심재웅 Shim Jae-woong , 이영학 Lee Young-hak , 이달원 Lee Dal-won

64(5) 17-26, 2022


Data-Based Model Approach to Predict Internal Air Temperature in a Mechanically-Ventilated Broiler House

최락영 Choi Lak-yeong , 채영현 Chae Yeonghyun , 이세연 Lee Se-yeon , 박진선 Park Jinseon , 홍세운 Hong Se-woon

64(5) 27-39, 2022


Evaluation Methods of Carbon Reduction Contribution for Green Budget of National R&D Projects in Agricultural Sector

김솔희 Kim Solhee , 한승현 Han Seunghyun , 강성수 Kang Seong-soo , 서교 Suh Kyo

64(5) 41-51, 2022


Assessment of Flood Vulnerability for Small Reservoir according to Climate Change Scenario - Reservoir in Gyeonggi-do -

허준 Heo Joon , 봉태호 Bong Tae-ho , 김성필 Kim Seong-pil , 전상민 Jun Sang-min

64(5) 53-65, 2022


Structural System Reliability Analysis of Semi-rigid Connected Frame - Focused on Plastic Greenhouse -

이상익 Lee Sangik , 이종혁 Lee Jonghyuk , 정영준 Jeong Youngjoon , 김동수 Kim Dongsu , 서병훈 Seo Byunghun , 서예진 Seo Yejin , 최원 Choi Won

64(5) 67-77, 2022


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